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Change Readiness Assessment

Understanding your organization's preparedness for change is crucial before initiating significant transitions. A change readiness assessment evaluates how prepared your company is to manage and implement change effectively. McGarity Consulting Group conducts thorough assessments to gauge your organization’s readiness, helping to identify points of resistance and opportunities to drive success of your organizational transition efforts.

About Our Change Readiness Assessment Services

McGarity Consulting Group begins with a genuine curiosity about how your organization works today, including its culture, systems, processes and structures. This helps us evaluate opportunities where change will thrive and areas where resistance may be encountered. Once we understand and map your organizational challenges and opportunities, we offer customized strategies to help you prepare for your upcoming organizational initiatives.

With our services, we explore the underlying factors affecting your team's openness to change. We explore their attitudes toward change, identify potential resistance points, and gauge the level of support from leadership.

Advantages of Professional Change Readiness Assessment Services

Using expert services for change readiness assessment has several important advantages.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Knowledge about your organization’s readiness for change allows leaders to make informed decisions about when and how to implement changes, reducing the likelihood of failure.

  • Tailored Strategies: Understanding your current state helps in designing change strategies specifically tailored to address the identified needs and gaps. This increases the effectiveness of these initiatives.

  • Employee Engagement: Assessing readiness helps engage employees in change, making them feel supported and valued, boosting morale and productivity.

  • Risk Reduction: Identifying potential obstacles and resistance early allows for developing specific strategies to mitigate these risks before they become problematic.


Resource Optimization: Knowing your position helps allocate resources effectively, ensuring time and money are invested where they'll yield the highest return for change success.

McGarity Consulting Group: Why Choose Our Change Management Services?

Partnering with McGarity Consulting Group means teaming up with experts dedicated to fostering your business growth and adaptability. This is why using our services is beneficial:

  • Expert Analysis: Our team comprises experts specializing in organizational behavior and change management, offering deep insights into the complexities of preparing for change.

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each organization is unique. Our services are customized to reflect your specific circumstances, challenges, and goals.

  • Strategic Insights: Beyond merely assessing readiness, we provide strategic insights that help plan effective change management strategies, ensuring a higher success rate for your change initiatives.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: We deliver detailed reports that highlight areas of strength and improvement and offer practical recommendations and action steps to enhance readiness.

  • Ongoing Support: Change doesn’t end with readiness; it’s just the beginning. We offer ongoing support to help implement the assessment recommendations and address new challenges as they arise during the change process.


If you have any inquiries about our change readiness assessment services, feel free to contact us today.

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